Great Stories

Donation to the Paeroa Kindy that burnt to ground.

Sitting down to watch the news one night, we were shocked to hear of the Paeroa Kindy being burnt down, felt quite sad for the children of that community.

We without any hesitation decided to make contact with seven sharp and offer some items of their choice for the little kids. It was a delight to supply little pushchairs wagons and BBQ tables.

We like many others that came to help the Kindy, seeing the smiles and excitement of the children, simply made it all the more enjoyable that we were making the toys and with heart and passion.

Hi from Papoose Play Furniture.

My name is Judi, a Mother, Grandmother, Auntie and a few years ago I got sick of seeing so much children’s little play furniture ending up on the side of the roads headed for the Rubbish Tip. With my children all grown up and living elsewhere I had an old wooden pushchair, wobbly wheels and all.

I took the pushchair off to Bill who was then building wooden planters and asked him if he could fix it.   I love kids had run a pre Nursery School some years back and after comments about the pushchair decided to embark on an alternative to our throwaway society.  With the support of Bill who also liked kids, we decided to build some wooden play furniture that would give pleasure in playing with and stand the test of time.

So began our journey of making wooden play furniture with same passion and desire for children.  I wanted my products to be handmade, using sustainable NZ timber, colourful and put together with love that could crafted to suit and any child would love to have and share.

I love taking our products to Markets or A & P shows in different parts of the country, displaying them, talking about them, seeing the look on the children’s faces as they coming running in, touching and playing with the toys showing the very same passion and love that goes into making them.

A breath of fresh air.

I would like to thank Venessa of 369° Collective and Simple Brackets Waiheke in Auckland for their help and assistance in the rebuilding of our Website.

Papoose experienced a 3 year nightmare with a local “reputable” web company that was more than willing to take our money, under-delivered by a long shot and then didn’t want to take responsibility for their mess . It was a battle from the start and trying to get the website done was a horrid story even after it went live.

We felt that we were just being taken for a ride as we are on the older side and not knowing much about the online world and websites. All i can say is shame on you for dragging your feet and delivering such a substandard website and for you to let our little business suffer online.

All that aside and through a private Facebook page of mine, Venessa messaged me to see if she could help with any online work. At first I was very off hand having been bitten, however I eventually plucked up the courage and made the call.

From the first conversation I was immediately put at ease by her and the understanding of our situation. I actually had literally given up but for Venessa nothing was an obstacle and the help that has been offered to us has been beyond amazing.

The patience they have, the confidence they have given and then over-exceeding on delivery of a website we wanted was amazing. I will truly forever be in their debt.

The journey with Venessa is  just so good and we have the ability to continue to walk beside them going forward. I know that I can rebuild Papoose and my passion to once again go on to produce wooden products that the Kids will enjoy forever.

Thank you Venessa and her trusted Brand Partners for your immense support and opportunity to work with you for the long-term.